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You asked: Will the Wisconsin Supreme Court race impact abortion rights in 2024?

How important was flipping the [Wisconsin Supreme] court to the overall fight for abortion rights nationwide?

— Asked April 11 in our election live chat

Liberal judge Janet Protasiewicz’s victory in Wisconsin has major implications specifically in the state, but it does send a broader message nationally. In Wisconsin, it means the Supreme Court — now controlled by liberals after the election — there is likely to reverse the state’s abortion ban in the next year. But, nationally, it shows that Democrats are still able to galvanize voters with a message focused on preserving abortion rights.

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Answered by Sabrina Rodriguez
Hi hi, everyone! I’m Sabrina Rodriguez, a national politics reporter. I joined the team last fall for a beat focused on voters. Have questions about the 2024 election? Send me an email at, and join our live chats to ask reporters questions.

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Now, that doesn’t mean every state is following this trend of preserving abortion rights as it is still on the line in states across the country. For example, in Florida, we just recently saw the state Senate pass a six-week abortion ban that is backed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

And in North Carolina, one of the last states in the South with abortion access, Republicans have passed a 12-week abortion ban. Gov. Roy Cooper (D) vetoed the bill, but Republicans in the state legislature overrode his veto.

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