Six Powerful Business Insights From Austrian Economics

We’re highlighting six of our 2021 podcasts that have special value for value creators. We invite you to listen to the special year-end podcast, and to sample each of those we’ve highlighted here, review the Key Takeaways we provide as a summary for each one, and download the free tools that accompany each podcast.

Per Bylund explains that all successful entrepreneurs are Austrians.
Episode #143:
Resource: “Explore and Realize (and Keep Exploring): How Austrian Entrepreneurs Generate Value on the Path to Business Success” (PowerPoint):

Mark Packard joins Per Bylund to explain how Austrian Value theory enables entrepreneurs to radically re-shape business thinking for greater value generation.
Resource: “The Value Generation Business Model” (Video)

Matt McCaffrey outlines the Austrian approach to business strategy: emergent not planned.
Episode #127:
Resource: “Emergent Strategy Process Map” (PDF)

Mark McGrath orients entrepreneurs to purposeful adaptation to emergence via the OODA loop.
Resource: John Boyd’s “OODA Loop Graphic” (PPT)

Ulrich Moeller provides the organization design model for the adaptive entrepreneurial firm: it’s boss-less.
Resource: “The Future Of Organization Design” (PDF)

Saras Sarasvathy pulls it all together in the form of The Entrepreneurial Method.
Resource: “Better Lives and a Better Society” (PDF)